iPhone/iPad: Parenting Guide: ScreenTime and Family Share

Oct 9, 10:00 am .. 12:00 pm

Kids were already always on their iPhones. And now with Distance Learning, they are online even more than ever!

How can you possibly keep them safe, out of trouble, and away from content that’s too intense or explicit for them?

Apple devices have some super-useful settings and features that help parents shape their kids’ experiences and block access to things they might not be ready for.

Join Jamie in this important and timely class as he teaches you how to confidently use the built-in parental controls in the Family Sharing and Screen Time Apps that help you set limits that work for your family.

Family Sharing makes it easy for you to share media content and photos with your family, but it also includes the ability to set up an Apple ID for kids, set permissions remotely with Screen Time, and approve spending and downloads from a parent's device.

Screen Time lets you block or limit apps, controls your kid's contacts, gives you an idea of how your child is using the phone, and stops them from making changes to the settings.

Jamie will walk you through all the essential questions every parent has, and explain, step by step, how to monitor usage and set boundaries on your kids’ (and even your own) devices.

Online risks can seem scary, but there are plenty of practical things you can do to keep your child safe...like taking this class! Sign up today.