macOS: Keynote Presentations

Oct 30, 10:00 am .. 12:00 pm

Are you afraid of public speaking? Me too; it's scary!

However, making a slide deck with Apple's Keynote app...that’s a piece of cake. And a great presentation will give you confidence for that big speech!

Keynote is Apple’s easy-to-use equivalent to Microsoft's PowerPoint, except better because it's free and already pre-installed on all your Apple devices, including your Mac computer.

Join Apple guru Jamie Pollock as he teaches you all the features and benefits of Keynote. He'll walk you through the simple, intuitive interface, cover all the important tools, dazzling effects, customizable templates, and themes, and demonstrate just how easy it is to create memorable slideshows that stand out.

While we have no idea whether the “just imagine the audience naked” piece of advice actually works, we can certainly guarantee that taking this Keynote course to make your visuals stunning will give you the confidence to make your presentations with style!

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