macOS: All the Basics Part 1

Jan 22, 10:00 am .. 12:00 pm

This foundational class is the practical support you need to meet, set up, and enjoy your Mac.


If you are new to computers or switching to Apple, then this Mac basics class will show you everything you need to get started.


We will cover features such as: the Mac Operating System (macOS) that makes your Mac run, built-in apps like Mail and Calendar, saving documents, Spotlight searching, the Finder window, browsing the web, texting people, listening to music, storing photos, and printing documents.


Take the mystery out of using your iMac or MacBook Pro laptop. And as you begin to learn the basics, you'll quickly see why so many people prefer the simplicity and elegance of Apple computers.


And, although this is a beginner class, we specialize in teaching “what you don’t know you don’t know,” so even intermediate Mac users will learn new and useful tricks.


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