Here is the software we use, love, and recommend! Resources, too!

As a Trusted QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Alicia implements 3rd Party Software for her clients. Extend the abilities of QuickBooks Online, and run your business more efficiently.

These solutions below are her favorites. If you sign up using the links below, many will give you discounts off the retail price.

Some of these give Alicia affiliate income, but that's not why they're on the list. Alicia recommends these companies because she uses them herself.

It's important to choose software that solves your problems, fits your needs, and saves you time and money.

The software Alicia uses for her task lists when working with her bookkeeping clients. She can communicate with staff through its Dashboard, keep track of processes, and it has a client portal for sharing files and communicating with clients. Click here to try it out or schedule a demo


Track your business mileage for tax deductions. It logs your trips automatically. Swipe left or right to classify them as business or personal. Export reports for taxes.

Click this link for 20% off!




Are your employees charging expenses to credit cards? Import the receipts directly into QBO, and create expense reports for reimbursement. Click to sign up here. Enter Alicia's email address at registration in the billing area for 15% off.




Do you sell products and ship to customers? Did you know that if your delivery is late, UPS, FedEx or DHL owes you a full refund? Share A Refund audits your deliveries, files your claims, and automatically gives you 50% of the money back. Click here to get your money back!


This Accounts Payable third party software integrates with QuickBooks Online so that you can make vendor payments electronically in bulk. You may already make your payments using your bank's website, but that means you still have to recreate it in QBO. This way, create the Bill in QBO, and head to when it's time to make your payments. You can even pay international vendors, which most other solutions can't do. There are no monthly fee or wire transfer fees, just $1 per transaction! (You can even receive international payments, too!). Click here to create an account.

Veem Logo


The next time you need to order QuickBooks-compatible checks, click here! provides high-quality voucher and 3-up checks at a fraction of the cost of checks from Intuit or your bank.


Formalize your business. Form an LLC or Incorporate. File for trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Manage your compliance documentation. is fast, reliable, affordable, and guaranteed. Click here and make your dreams a legal reality.


This was my favorite gadget of the year! It's a business card, keychain, bracelet, or phone sticker. Instantly give your contact info to anyone by simply tapping their phone.  They get your picture, bio, phone, email, and social media links, all in one tap. Now I don't have to pass out business cards anymore!

I love it so much I got one of each for everyone in my office!


QuickBooks Self-Employed

Turning a hobby into a business? Track your expenses for your 1040 Schedule C by swiping left and right. It even tracks your mileage. Click here to subscribe for $5/mo.


QuickBooks Self-Employed


Store every snippet of text, PDFs, meeting notes. Search photographs and scans. Share notes with family and coworkers. Sync between your computer and phone. Indispensable! There's a free version, but you can click here to try business class for free.




This essential cloud-based storage allows you to save files online so you can get to them from any computer or device. Share large files with other people. DropBox integrates with an incredible number of other apps and services so that you don’t need to email stuff to yourself. Click here to try it for free!




Since I got this phone app, I haven't used my scanner once. Take a picture of any document and turn it into a PDF that you can then email, fax, or save in dozens of integrated apps. Combines multi-page documents automatically. It even has OCR. OMG useful! Click here to see why.




For contractors who have outgrown QuickBooks, turn to Knowify. This construction system gives you job costing and project management tools. It synchronizes the bookkeeping to your QuickBooks automatically. Click here to sign up, and give them code KNOWALICIA to get 20% off.



Rewind keeps track of individual activity in QBO and allows you to undelete, recreate, or revert single transactions. It also works for Shopify and BigCommerce websites. Sign up here.



Import your Home Depot receipts and statements into QuickBooks Online or Desktop. Code them to the correct category, assign them to a customer for job costing, mark them as Billable to the client, and add Classes too!. Sign up here. Please enter "Alicia Pollock" in the Association box so they know I sent you!


HammerZen Home Depot

Order your QuickBooks Payments Bluetooth Card Reader!

Click here to get a credit card swiper to use with your QB Payments account. There are two styles, handheld and countertop (and click here if you want a discounted merchant services account!). 


QB Payments bluetooth swiper

Acuity Scheduling

Would it free up your time if you didn't have to call or email back and forth with your clients to find an appointment time that works for both of you? We use Acuity so that our clients can schedule right from our website. It sends appointment reminders so they don't forget! Multiple schedules, and integration with QBO, Google Calendar, iCloud, and Zoom. Click here to sign up!



Bento for Business

When it comes to employee spending and expense management, Bento’s integrated system saves time and effort of what is often a long, complicated, and inefficient process for business accountants and bookkeepers. The Bento dashboard means you can control budgets and expense card functions, reload your account, and turn them on and off at the touch of a button.  Click here to sign up.

Chart of Accounts import for all industries

Looking for common Charts of Accounts for industry-specific files? Click here for a list from Intuit. Copy/Paste the list into Excel, and then you can import from there!

Transaction Pro 

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it by automating data entry in QuickBooks. Eliminate manual mistakes with Transaction Pro. With just a few mouse clicks, data moves into and out of QuickBooks quickly and accurately. Click here to sign up


The #1 corporate card & expense management platform.
We’ve combined seamless expense management software with the world’s smartest business card, so you never have to process another expense report. Click here to sign up. 

Cloud Accounting Templates

These resources from Kellie Parks, the Saasy Accounting Coach out of Canada, are worth checking out! She has complete checklists and templates for managing your bookkeeping practice, including Asana, ClickUp, 17Hats, Financial Cents, and Pixie. She also has engagement and disengagement letters and other great resources. Don't start from scratch! Use code ROYAL for 15% off.


Create and share images and videos for better training, tutorials, lessons, and everyday communication. Click here to sign up with Alicia's discount.  

Xenett Autoreview

A Smart, Robust and Reliable app designed for accountants that simplifies, streamlines and automates the Financial Review Process for QuickBooks online. Click here to sign up get a 50% discount for next 3 months.


Melio offers small businesses the best online bill paying service. Pay any invoice via bank transfer, totally free, or use your credit card*. No monthly fee, no subscription costs.

The Woodard Alliance

Joe Woodard's program is a high-level training program for bookkeeping firm owners who want to dial in their tech stack and grow their firm. Their robust program has a membership component, monthly meetings, and is a who's who in the accounting world! Click here to find out more and join!


I just discovered a new app that you won't need often, but when you do it's a gamechanger. DocuClipper allows you to extract transactions off scanned or downloaded PDFs to turn them into an import into QBO's banking feed. This will allow you to import transactions from banks that don't connect to QBO, or historic transactions over 2 years old. It's comparable to MoneyThumb's PDF2QBO converter, but a lot less work, contains its own reconciliation to make sure you didn't miss any transactions, and it's a LOT easier to use. I myself won't subscribe monthly, just when I need it on a project, but WOW! Find out more here

Canopy app

Client List - Quickly view all of your clients and highly pertinent information at-a-glance.
Custom-Branded Client Portal - Help your clients by giving them a centralized experience for documents, tasks, invoices, payments, and more.
Calendar & Email Sync - Eliminates the wasted time of jumping between programs
Mobile App - Give your clients an on-the-go experience with our highly-ranked mobile app. Click here to learn more and sign up

Tax PlanIQ

TaxPlanIQ is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform created by accountants for other accountants. Empowering tax advisors to quote, implement, and track assigned tasks with clients and staff, all while showing your value using the ROI Method developed by Jackie Meyer, CPA. Click here to learn more and sign up

The CFO Project

An exclusive membership program just for CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers to learn how to provide a scalable CFO service that actually gets results for your clients. Click here to learn more