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QBO Video Courses

QuickBooks® Online KnOWLedge Base

Alicia Pollock

Over 9 hours of QuickBooks® Online tutorials with Alicia. Learn how to streamline your workflow and maximize the value of the software’s special features. Find answers quickly and explore new topics in our collection of bite-sized video clips.

Learn QuickBooks® Online (QBO®)! As a business owner, trial-and-error costs you time and money. Learn the best ways set up and use QuickBooks® and QuickBooks Online® for your business from day one.

Enter your sales income from customers, specific to your business’s daily workflow. Track your company’s expenses. Run reports to understand your business’s growth … or lack of it.

You’ll also learn all the most common errors people make, so that you don’t make them, too.

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks® Online—or suspect you’re not using it correctly—you’ll learn all the basics (and a lot of tips & tricks) that will allow you to get the most out of your QBO® subscription, and watch your company thrive.


Note! Many of these videos were filmed in the 2015 version of QBO®. Your screen may look a little different. All the features are the same, just located in different places. If you're the kind of learner who needs to see exactly what is on your screen, please watch our QBO Fundamentals Course instead.


Watch the video for an overview of the course!

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Book

This course comes with a free copy of Alicia's book, "Master QuickBooks Online: From Setup to Tax Time."

pageText Download the book here

2. Introduction

About this course.

pageText Getting Started

3. Setting Up QBO

Choose the right version for you, and setting up your file.

pageText Choosing Your Version of QBO
pageText Choosing a Start Date
pageText Importing from Desktop
pageText Creating a New Company
pageText Starting from Scratch
pageText Welcome Screen & Company Settings
pageText Payments Only User
pageText User Accounts
pageText Sales Tax
pageText Customizing Invoices & Sales Receipts
pageText Merchant Services
pageText Payroll and Timesheets
quiz Quiz: Getting Ready for QBO Completion requirement
quiz Quiz: Setting Up QBO Completion requirement

4. Creating a Chart of Accounts

Learn about standard COA categories, and modify it for your business's custom needs.

pageText What is the Chart of Accounts?
pageText Bank Accounts
pageText Credit Card Accounts
pageText AR & AP
pageText Assets
pageText Liabilities & Undeposited Funds
pageText Owner’s Equity
pageText Income Accounts
pageText Cost of Goods
pageText Expense Accounts
pageText Other Income and Other Expense
pageText Creating Accounts on the Fly
pageText Deleting and Merging Accounts
pageText Account Numbering
quiz Quiz: The Chart of Accounts Completion requirement

5. Working with Lists

Lists are the backbone of QBO. Populate the dropdowns with your Customers, Vendors, Products & Services, Classes, and more.

pageText Payment Methods
pageText Terms
pageText Attachments
pageText Classes
pageText Locations
quiz Lists, Classes, and Locations Completion requirement

6. Products, Services, and Inventory

Set up a list of the services you provide and/or the products you sell. Add them to your Invoices and Sales Receipts to show customers what they paid for. Manage Inventory. Pay Subcontractors. Run reports to find out your best-selling products and services that make you the most money.

pageText Setting Up QBO for Sales
pageText Buying your Products
pageText Price Rules
pageText Selling Your Products and Services
pageText Paying for Subcontracted Services
pageText Managing Inventory
pageText Product Profitability Reports
quiz Quiz: Products, Services, and Inventory Completion requirement

7. Using the Interface

Getting around QBO.

pageText Tour
pageText Transactions Screen
pageText Dynamic Buttons
pageText Keyboard Shortcuts
pageText QuickBooks Labs
pageText Tagging in QBO
quiz Quiz: The Interface Completion requirement

8. Working with Vendors

Everything you need to know to work with expenses, including Accounts Payable.

pageText Working with the Vendor Center
pageText Accounts Payable Settings
pageText Adding New Vendors
pageText Cleaning Up the Vendor List
pageText Creating and Paying Bills
pageText Writing Checks
pageText Printing Checks
pageText Using Credit Cards
pageText Pay Down Credit Cards
pageText Vendor Credits
pageText Marking Expenses as Billable
pageText Sending 1099s to Subcontractors
pageText New! Receipt Capture Expense OCR
quiz Quiz: Working with Vendors and Accounts Payable Completion requirement

9. Running Reports

Get the most out of QBO by slicing and dicing your data.

pageText Which Reports are Available in Each QBO Version
pageText Reports Center
pageText Your Profit & Loss Report
pageText The Balance Sheet Report
pageText Company Snapshot
pageText The Scorecard
pageText Sales Reports
pageText Review Expenses Reports
pageText Accounts Receivable Reports
pageText Accounts Payable Reports
pageText Customized Reports
quiz Quiz: Reports Completion requirement

10. Do Your Banking

Use the banking feed, make transfers, and reconcile your bank accounts.

pageText Journal Entries
pageText Transfers
pageText Reconciling
pageText Bank Feed: Importing Transactions
pageText Bank Feed: Tips and Troubleshooting
pageText Bank Feed: Matching Deposits, Loans, and Transfers
pageText Recurring Transactions
pageText Corporate Credit Cards
quiz Quiz: The Banking Feed Completion requirement
quiz Quiz: Reconciling Completion requirement

11. Year-end: Wrapping up for Tax Time

Additional steps for cleaning up your books and preparing for the new year.

pageText Make a Backup of your QBO File
pageText Close the Books
pageText Analyze Your Business with Reports
pageText Take Inventory
pageText Make sure your transactions are in the right accounts: P&L
pageText Make sure your transactions are in the right place: Balance Sheet

12. Special Topics

All the little things that make QBO easier to use.

pageText Providing Feedback to Intuit
pageText Apps to Extend QBO Abilities
pageText Backing Up & Exporting Data
pageText Backing Up QBO with
pageText Using on a Smartphone or Tablet
pageText Customer Workflow Summary
pageText Daily Bookkeeping
pageText Top 10 Mistakes People Make
pageText Mileage Tracker
quiz Quiz: Special Topics Completion requirement

13. Troubleshooting Techniques

How to solve problems that crop up in QuickBooks Online.

pageText How to fix duplicate deposits that came in through the Banking Feed
pageText When you run Payroll out of the wrong account
pageText Negative Deposits

14. QBO for Accountants (QBOA)

These features are specific to the Accountants version of QuickBooks Online. Bookkeepers, here are powerful techniques for your bag of tricks!

pageText The Overview Tab
pageText Reclassify Tool
pageText Exporting QBO to Desktop


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise Credit Certificate
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