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*QuickBooks Membership Benefits!

Alicia Katz Pollock
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Here are the monthly perks that come with Silver and Gold membership! Office hours, coupon codes, and discussion groups! Take advantage of all your perks!

Group learning that works around your schedule!

  • Watch all of Alicia’s videos any time, anywhere
  • Download a free PDF copy of Alicia’s book
  • Live, online discussion forums where you can ask questions, share your knowledge and build relationships. Create a profile on our online portal and use our nation-wide Member List to start networking.
  • Attend live classes or add an Apple, Microsoft, or Productivity On-Demand course to your Dashboard for free every month
  • Join our exclusive, members-only Office Hours every month for live Q&A sessions and informative presentations
  • Get discounts on QuickBooks® related apps and services

Here is the course outline:

1. How the Mentorship program works

How to Watch Courses and participate in discussions

pageText How to make the most of your Mentorship Program
pageText Q&A Forums
pageText Public Facebook Group

2. Enroll in additional courses for FREE!

Use this monthly $39 coupon in the Catalog to enroll in any Live class, or permanently own any video in our entire collection (including Apple & Microsoft Office!)

pageText Monthly Class Coupon

3. Alicia's Monthly Office Hours

Alicia's Office Hours, with wine and coffee! Get your questions answered in this free exclusive webinar with Silver and Gold Mentorship members. Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00PT / 4:00ET.

pageText Instructions for Office Hours, the 3rd Thursday of every month at 1pm PT/4pm ET
pageText 2021-Oct-20: Round Robin
pageText 2021-Aug-19: Open to Bronze & Cleanup Essentials + Vendor Refunds
pageText 2021- July 15
pageText 2021-June-17: A private appt for one member!
pageText 2021-May-20: The Audit Log, emailing PDFs, Prepaid Expenses, Recurring Transactions
pageText 2021-April-15: Just Q&A
pageText 2021-Mar-18: Word Styles!
pageText 2021-Feb-17: Round Robin, Yum!
pageText 2021-Jan-20: Round Robin
pageText 2020-Dec-17: Round Robin Open to Bronze Members
pageText 2020-Nov-19: QB Cash, Budgeting for loans, $0 Sales Receipts, Biz Performance Graphs
pageText 2020-Oct-15: Q&A, then Banking Feed Options
pageText 2020-Sept-17: QuickBooks Labs and QBO Q&A
pageText 2020-Aug-20 Payment Options and QBO Q&A
pageText 2020-Jul-16: Subcustomers, Classes, Projects, Locations, and Tags
pageText 2020-Jun-18: Personal Support
pageText 2020-May 21: Pivoting as the world changes
pageText 2020-Apr-17: The Covid-19 PPP Loan, and Reconciling strategies
pageText 2020-Mar-19 - Bartering, Zoom meetings, and our Phone app
pageText 2020-Feb-20 Use the Matrix app to watch our videos from anywhere!
pageText 2019 - Dec-19: Office Hours
pageText 2019-Nov-21: Your Questions Answered, What's New
pageText 2019-Oct-17: What's hot in QBO - Receipts, Mileage Tracker, Gmail, and Business Performance
pageText 2019-Sept-19: Client Questions Answered
pageText 2019-Aug-15: The Joys of Summer
pageText 2019-July-18: QBO's new Receipt Capture, and how to use your monthly free class coupon
pageText 2019-May-16: How to automate QBO so you can go enjoy your Spring
pageText 2019-Apr-18 - Customized Reports
pageText 2019-Mar-21: Marching toward Taxes
pageText 2019-Feb-21: Coupons, Why QBO?, Pricing Strategies, and Alicia's Favorite Apps!
pageText 2019-Jan-17: 1099s and Tax Time File Review (and New Year's Resolutions)
pageText 2018-Dec-20: Christmas Presents for your Business, a tour of the Mentorship Interface and Resources
pageText 2018-Nov-17: New Features in QBO
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