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*Apple Membership Benefits!

Jamie Pollock

Take advantage of your Apple Membership benefits! Join a vibrant community of computer users just like you, learning about their Macs, iPhones, and iPads together.

Group learning that works around your schedule!

  • Watch all of Jamie's videos any time, anywhere
  • Live, online discussion forums where you can ask questions, share your knowledge and build relationships. Create a profile on our online portal and use our nation-wide Member List to start networking.
  • Get a coupon to attend a live class or add a course to your library for free every month
  • Join our exclusive, members-only Happy Hour every month for live Q&A sessions and informative presentations


Here is the course outline:

1. Get Your Questions Answered

Live, online discussion forums where you can ask questions, share your knowledge, and network.

Q&A Discussion Board
Private Facebook Group

2. Enroll in additional courses for FREE!

Use this monthly $54 coupon in the Catalog to enroll in any Live class, webinar, or On Demand video course, for free (or at a steep discount)!

Monthly Class Coupon

3. The Apple Membership™ Happy Hour Webinar - Watch the Videos!

Jamie's Office Hours, with fun. Join Jamie for a free webinar exclusive to Silver and Gold Apple Membership™ subscribers every 1st Thursday of every month at 1:00PT / 4:00ET.

Instructions for joining Jamie's Apple Happy Hour, every 1st Thursday at 1pm PT/4pm ET.
June 2024 Happy Hour
May 2024 Happy Hour
April 2024 Happy Hour
March 2024 Happy Hour
February 2024 Happy Hour
January 2024 Happy Hour
December 2023 Happy Hour
November 2023 Happy Hour
October 2023 Happy Hour
September 2023 Happy Hour
August 2023 Happy Hour
June 2023 Happy Hour
May 2023 Happy Hour
April 2023 Happy Hour
March 2023 Happy Hour
February 2023 Happy Hour
January 2023 Happy Hour
December 2022 Happy Hour
November 2022 Happy Hour
August 2022 Happy Hour
July 2022 Happy Hour Webinar
June 2022 Happy Hour
May 2022 Happy Hour Webinar
April 2022 Happy Hour Webinar
February 2022 Happy Hour Webinar
January 2022 Happy Hour Video
December 2021 Happy Hour
November 2021 Happy Hour Webinar
October 2021 Happy Hour Webinar
August 2021 Apple Membership Happy Hour
July 2021 Happy Hour
May 2021 Happy Hour Webinar - Apple Watch Demo Bonus!
April 2021 Happy Hour - Apple Screen Shot Bonus!
March 2021 Apple Members Happy Hour
February 2021 Happy Hour Webinar
January 2021 Happy Hour Webinar
December 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
November 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
October 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
September 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
August 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
July 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
June 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
May 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
February 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
January 2020 Happy Hour Webinar
December 2019 Happy Hour Webinar
November 2019 Happy Hour Webinar
October 2019 Happy Hour Webinar
September 2019 Happy Hour Webinar
June 2019 Happy Hour Webinar
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