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Unmarking Billable Expenses

Alicia Katz Pollock

This free micro course will teach you how to unmark your billable expenses in QBO.

Unmarking Billable Expenses Course Description

Does your Sales bar show Unbilled transactions in the dark blue box? These are expenses you marked as billable, but haven't pushed to your client's next invoice. But what if this isn't your workflow? Maybe they got imported from Desktop, or you checked the box by accident. How do you get rid of them?

This micro course from QBO Rock Star, Alicia Katz Pollock, will show you how to properly unmark billable expenses in your QuickBooks Online.  


Instructional Level



Course Length

10 minutes


Field of Study

Computer Software & Applications


Delivery Method




  • Our “QuickBooks® Online Fundamentals” live class/webinar, or
  • Our "QuickBooks® Online Fundamentals” On-Demand video course, or 
  • Real-life experience using QuickBooks.


Who should take this billable expenses class?

  • Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Business Owners who need unmark billable expenses in their QBO.


Refunds & Cancellations

Please view our Terms of Service, for information on refunds, cancellations, and complaint resolution. To request a refund, please contact us.


Here is the course outline:

1. Watch the Video

Watch this video to learn how to unmark billable expenses.

Unmarking Billable Expenses

2. Quizzes

Take this quiz
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