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Managing your PPP Loan in QuickBooks

Alicia Katz Pollock

Unboxing QuickBooks Online Payroll’s Payroll Protection Protection (PPP) Application. And how to manage your PPP Loan once you get it!

PPP Loan in QuickBooks Course Description 

There is now a Coronvirus SBA PPP Loan inside QuickBooks Online Payroll through QuickBooks Capital. Because the features are part of your bookkeeping software, your Payroll data is already available. When it’s time to calculate your 2.5x monthly average payroll, a lot of their application is pre-filled on your behalf! 

In this “unboxing” of QuickBook’s Payroll Protection Program application, Alicia walks you through her thought processes, from the perspective of the business owner filling in the application. She gets a little surprise advice from Matthew Fulton of Parkway Business Solutions, as Waldo, the “owl on her shoulder.”

Then, learn how to manage your PPP Loan in QuickBooks Online using Classes, Checking Sub-accounts, and Tagging. Then, craft a report to show that you spent the money on Payroll, utilities and rent!


Instructional Level

Beginner through Advanced 

Course Length

2 hours 

CPE Credits

2 CPE, Certificate of Completion

Delivery Method 

QAS Self Study 

Field of Study



Who should take this Paycheck Protection Program Loan class?

  • Any small business who uses QuickBooks Payroll in QuickBooks Online, and is applying for the Payment Protection Program SBA loan.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to apply for your PPP through your QBO
  • How to use classes to track your PPP
  • How to set up your Payroll for your PPP 
  • How to run reports specific to your PPP

For more information regarding concerns, refunds, and program cancellation policies, visit our Terms and Conditions.

Here is the course outline:

1. Watch the Videos: Managing Your PPP Loan in QBO

Applying for a Payroll Protection Program loan, and how to manage it in QuickBooks Online!

pageText Unboxing the QuickBooks Online Payroll's PPP Loan
pageText Setting up your PPP Chart of Accounts
pageText Setting Up Your PPP Payroll
pageText Using Classes for PPP
pageText Using Projects to Track PPP Loans
pageText Using Tags with Your PPP
pageText Running Forgiveness Reports
pageText QBO's QuickBooks Capital Forgiveness Estimator

2. PPP Resources

Alicia's article on Intuit's website, and the PPP Forgiveness application

pageText PPP Resources


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise Credit Certificate
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