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5 Ways to Screen Capture Using Apple's Screen Shot Utility

Jamie Pollock

Apple has a Screen Shot Utility that can capture your computer's screen 5 different ways: capture a section, full screen, window, record a window, or record a section of a window.

Course Description

Your Mac computer has a really useful built-in utility: Screenshot. Join Jamie and discover where to find the Screenshot Utility, learn about the 5 ways to capture your screen, and how to customize the tool. 


Instructional Level

Beginner through Advanced 


Course Length

7 minutes


Field of Study

Computer Software & Applications


Delivery Method

QAS Self Study



Mac OS 11.1 Big Sur installed on your computer.


Who should take this class?

Mac users that want to learn more about the built-in features of their computer.  


What should you bring?

A Macintosh computer with OS 11.1 Big Sur.


What You’ll Learn 

  • How to screen shot using Apple's Screen Shot Utility 
  • How to capture a section of your screen
  • How to capture a full window 
  • How to record a section of your screen
  • How to record a full window
  • How to select which display to capture when using multiple monitors


Here is the course outline:

1. Apple Screen Shot Utility: Watch the Video

Did you know Apple has a built in Screen Shot Utility that can capture your screen 5 different ways? Join Jamie to discover where to find the utility, how to use it, and how to customize it.

5 Ways to Capture Your Screen
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