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Book: Master QuickBooks Online

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Alicia Katz Pollock


Alicia's 170-page desk reference book for QuickBooks® Online. Used in her classes, she sells over 100 copies a month on Download your PDF directly from the author!

This new Sixth Edition is revised and updated for 2018 with the newest features including Progress Invoicing, an Index, and 15 pages of new material based on reader comments.

Learn QuickBooks® Online! As a business owner getting started with QuickBooks® for the first time, you don’t have time for trial-and-error, especially when it comes to your company’s finances. Why not learn to use QBO® correctly from the beginning?

Learn to enter your sales income from Customers. Track your company’s Expenses. Run reports to understand your business’s growth…or lack of it.

You’ll also learn all the most common errors people make, so that you don’t make them, too.

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks® Online – or suspect you’re not using it correctly – you’ll learn all the basics (and a lot of tips & tricks) that will allow you to get the most out of your QBO® subscription, and watch your company thrive.

This desk reference book is an easy-to-understand, straightforward guide to all the fundamental tools on the menus, and how to use the features to manage common daily business transactions.

The instructions include best-practice suggestions gleaned from real-world experience.

The book also includes explains basic accounting principles every business owner needs to know in everyday English, so that QBO makes sense.

Master QuickBooks Online also includes bonus material: The quizzes are carefully designed to make you think critically about the features, and help you discover the fine points of understanding not addressed in the step-by-step chapter content. Additional "On Your Own" callouts encourage you to look at your QBO® setup to make sure it's been done properly.


"This book has saved me huge headaches with clients. You are helping me every day. My original copy of your book has been destroyed by my office staff, it's out daily." ~Travis Tandy, Tandy Consulting, Fullerton CA


Would you prefer a paperback or Kindle version? Click here to be directed to!


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