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QB for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

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Alicia Katz Pollock


This template system is used in QuickBooks Desktop or Online to track your fuel, food, and merchandise sales. It includes a Chart of Accounts, Items List, Memorized Transactions, and Custom Reports.


When you’re running a convenience store or gas station, it’s complex to track fuel, food, and merchandise sales. When you throw ATMs, lottery tickets, tobacco incentives, and a deli into the mix, it’s even harder. And if your employees and local businesses run charge accounts, how do you track those?

This template system can be used in the QuickBooks® Desktop or Online versions, leveraging your Point of Sale reports to track your income and expenses.

The accompanying download file includes a complete QuickBooks® Desktop file with a Chart of Accounts, Items List, Memorized Transactions, and Custom Reports, everything you need for day-to-day operations. Customize it for your specific needs.

Implementing this complete QuickBooks Template system will eliminate hours and hours of time in setting up your new QuickBooks® file by hand.

The book explains all the terminology and features used in the file. Note that is not a complete tutorial for using QuickBooks, and assumes some prior knowledge. The file can also be imported into QuickBooks® Online, with a few additional steps to create the Recurring Transactions and Custom Reports. This fully-functional QuickBooks® file can also be used for related industries, including retail.



Ready-to-use QuickBooks® Desktop file, with:

  • Thorough Chart of Accounts
  • Complete Items (Products & Services list)
  • Memorized transactions for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual workflow steps
  • Custom reports to track charge accounts, employee payroll status, inventory, and more.
  • Detailed Manual explaining the QuickBooks® features need to run a convenience store and gas station.


Using this template requires QuickBooks® Desktop 2017 or higher, or a subscription to QuickBooks® Online Essentials/Plus (not included).



 This template is absolutely fascinating! I had no idea how complicated a Gas Station was, and how cleverly Alicia has tricked out QBO to manage the complexity. I highly recommend it.

~Alison Ball


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