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Microsoft Word: You Know Word, but Do You KNOW Word?

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Alicia Katz Pollock


This book by Alicia Katz Pollock is a culmination of her favorite tips and tricks after recording her Word courses at Download your own copy and save time and frustration using Word for Work, home, and school.

You know Word… but do you really KNOW Word???

This is not a book about how to use Word. Lots of people have already written about that.

This book is about how to thoroughly utilize Word. How to take advantage of everything it has to offer. How to bend it to your will. How to create with its tools and achieve exactly what you want. How to do what you already do… but in half the steps.

And, most of all, how to save your precious time.

If each of these 222 Tips & Tricks shaves 3 seconds off your repetitive tasks, that’s 11 minutes per day, or over 51 hours per year.

That’s a week’s vacation! And for $9.99, that’s a cheap vacation.
Time is money. If you make $15/hr, you’ve also saved your boss $765 a year.

What are you waiting for? Download this PDF and get to really KNOW Word!


*Note: This book was written in version 2010 for a PC, but almost all of the tips still work in the current version of Word. Except for one. If you're using a Mac, a few of the commands have different names, but the techniques are mostly the same.


“I began teaching Microsoft Word about 20 years ago, and I still learned a number of wonderful new tips and tricks from Alicia’s book. I greatly appreciate her succinct and clear way of explaining concepts, tools, and techniques. This method of writing allowed me to read through the book at a comfortable pace while retaining the information learned. Throughout the book, Alicia takes the reader ‘behind the scenes’ in Word to demonstrate how to take the program further than where most people know it can go. If a veteran instructor can learn valuable information from this book, so can you!” - Suzann M. Gasper


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