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Jamie Pollock


BackBlaze is offsite backup software, in case of theft, fire, or flood. Never lose your data again!

Backups vs. Archives

Backing up gives you a second copy of your files in case of a computer crash, file corruption, or accidental deletion.

This is different than Archiving, which stores your important files on an external hard drive for long term storage, allowing you to free up space on your computer.


Why BackBlaze?

You may already have an external hard drive, but how often do you save to it? Or you have Time Machine, which is an always-on emergency backup, but it lives in your house.

If your emergency pertains to theft, acts of God, or damage to your house, your Time Machine backup may be as good as gone.

BackBlaze is Offsite Backup, in case of theft, fire, or flood. It’s also a backup of your backup, in case Time Machine fails!


Using BackBlaze

BackBlaze saves every change you make to your computer.

You can rescue a single deleted file any time, or have the company send you a hard drive with all your data to restore to a new computer.

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