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Jamie Pollock


Let us help you keep your computer safe from malware, viruses, hardware failures, and gremlins.

Royalguard Monitoring ServiceWhat is RoyalGuard?

We'll help you keep your computer safe with a software utilities called Watchman:

  • Watchman monitors your computer for over 100 different issues:
    • Did you accidentally install Malware? We’ll notice it and let you know.
    • Know if your hard drive is failing, or if your laptop battery won’t hold a charge, before it goes kaput!
    • Get an alert when you become low on hard drive disk space.
    • A ton of other technical stuff you’d rather not mess with yourself.


How it Works

Jamie will install a small monitoring utility on your computer, and he will receive notices any time an issue crops up. He'll give you a call to let you know, and schedule a time with you to solve the problem.

This does NOT give us access to your computer or breach your security. It simply alerts us when your computer is in danger, and we’ll proactively call you with a solution!  


RoyalGuard in Action

After installing RoyalGuard on Jamie and Alicia's computers, it discovered that they were both low on hard disk space. If you don't have enough, it slows down your computer, and it's possible to corrupt your files. Jamie and Alicia removed unnecessary files and avoided a major problem.

Our employee, Jen, installed RoyalGuard on her computer. Within 5 minutes, Jamie saw that she had Malware on her computer and promptly notified her. After downloading and running an Adware removal program, the problem was solved.  



Your subscription will auto-renew annually, unless we hear from you to cancel. We’ll email you a receipt.


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