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  • “My QuickBooks experience is limited to inputting data. Alicia was very thorough with qualities of a good teacher – that is repeating, illustrating information.“
  • "This course has provided me with countless tips on how to effectively operate QuickBooks Online (QBO). The teaching method overall is straightforward and concise, while definitely not being too simple. Eleven moderately challenging quizzes at the end of each module, were what I found to be especially enlightening. In addition to being able to take the course in the suggested sequence, it is also an effortless click of a button to revisit the site at any time and re-watch videos or study past quizzes if you need a refresher. I recommend this course to everyone, regardless of their current level of knowledge about QBO – trust me, you will benefit from this course!” - Nicole Brandsen
  • "The classes I took with Alicia on QuickBooks for Mac was very informative. I don't know much about computers. Her step-by-step instruction have made it so easy to follow and perform the task that I need for my business. She also purchased, installed, and has taught me to use my New LightSpeed POS system, which has been a great experience that will make my workflow much easier. Thank You Alicia for making my life easier."