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  • "One of the best I've taken so far. I really liked that it was tips for those who have used Word, but haven't progressed to being a "Power User." I will go back to this video again to refresh my skills. I recommend including the shortcuts used in the training as part of the exercise file."
  • “I was very impressed with the professional quality of the course. I did like that I could go back and review previous topics at will and kept a copy of a slideshow I had developed and practiced the techniques on it as I went through. I learned a lot during this course. The instructor was very professional and very knowledgeable. She explained the tools and techniques in an easy to understand manner and used the screen shots to demonstrate how to use.” - Lynda.com subscriber

  • "I located your videos on the CreativeLive.com web site this morning and began reviewing them. These are going to be really helpful, as I can just watch and listen to a script to grasp the instructional flow. Or, I pause and repeat specific directions when working on my own documents. Thanks again for making these available." - Catherine C.

  • “Thank you Alicia. The online course and replays made the Office for the Mac my favorite course so far. Alicia is phenomenal!” - Nanette W.