“I began teaching Microsoft Word about 20 years ago, and I still learned a number of wonderful new tips and tricks from Alicia’s book. I greatly appreciate her succinct and clear way of explaining concepts, tools, and techniques. This method of writing allowed me to read through the book at a comfortable pace while retaining the information learned. Throughout the book, Alicia takes the reader ‘behind the scenes’ in Word to demonstrate how to take the program further than where most people know it can go. If a veteran instructor can learn valuable information from this book, so can you!” - Suzann M. Gasper


Alicia Katz Pollock's books are windows into her innate and diploma'd teacher's brain, written purposefully to be reader-friendly, learner accessible, and interesting!

They are the source material for her training programs. Use them to not only reinforce your video courses, but also as reference books for whatever particular issue you run into in real time.

Thumbing through a book is quicker and easier than finding the specific part of a video that answers your question!