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Eight essential courses from our On-Demand QuickBooks Video Library

  • Get up and running fast by taking the fundamental courses every business owner needs:
    • The QBO Bootcamp, a deep dive into the Banking Center, how to reconcile your bank accounts, and then run reports so you can see how your business is doing. 
  • As QBO evolves, we'll update your videos at no extra cost to you.

A 10% discount coupon to use towards Live Events, Guest Instructors, and additional deep dives

  • Every month you'll receive a coupon code for 10% off any live class, guest instructor class, or even topics from our Microsoft Office and Apple libraries:
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  • You'll receive lifetime access to all courses purchased with your coupon, even if you're no longer a member.
  • The discount also applies to appointments with Alicia.


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  • QuickBooks Members group for all community members to get announcements and talk to each other.
    • The Class Discussions board is a help forum for asking questions about how to use QBO. Alicia pays close attention to questions here.
    • The News is where Alicia makes announcements, and there's a newsfeed with accounting articles you may find interesting, along with special offers exclusive to members only.
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  • The Wisdom Quest - you receive points for every video you watch. Earn a webcam cover, a t-shirt, discount coupons, and an hour with Alicia! If you leave a review after you complete a training, Alicia will kick you down extra points.


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"Alicia is an amazing, confident, and very patient teacher. She showed us shortcuts, useful reports, and how to make the most of QuickBooks. It is a very fast and efficient way to learn. We highly recommend her."