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Payday Perfection Collection | 3-course Bundle


Level-up your payroll prowess with the Payday Perfection Collection. Learn how to use the 1099 Wizard, QB Time, & QB Payroll to seamlessly and accurately pay your workers.

Welcome to the Payday Perfection Collection

Embark on a journey to payroll mastery with the Payday Perfection Collection. Specifically curated for small business owners and payroll professionals, this three-course bundle is designed to transform and elevate your payroll management skills within QuickBooks Online. From accurate contractor payments with the 1099 Wizard to efficient employee time tracking through QB Time, and seamless payroll processing with QB Payroll, this collection is your comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities of payroll with ease and confidence.


What This Bundle Offers:

  • QBO's 1099 Wizard Course: Navigating contractor payments can be complex, but not with our 1099 Wizard course. This class simplifies the process, teaching you how to automatically gather W9 information, send 1099s via email, and submit them to the IRS effortlessly. Whether you attend live on January 9th or opt for on-demand learning, you're guaranteed a comprehensive understanding of contractor management.

  • QuickBooks Time: This course dives into QB Time, the integral time-tracking app within QBO. You'll learn how to efficiently manage everything from basic clock-ins to advanced employee management features like job costing and geofencing. QB Time's full integration with QBO Payroll makes it an indispensable tool for effective payroll management. Join us live on January 16th or access the course on-demand afterward to master these essential skills.

  • Payroll in QBO: Our course on Payroll in QBO is designed to streamline your payroll process. You'll learn how to utilize timesheets, direct deposit, automatic tax payments, and even pay contractors directly through QBO. Discover the different subscription levels and their benefits, including HR services and guaranteed accuracy. This course is available on-demand, allowing you to learn at your pace.


Why Choose the Payday Perfection Collection?

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Gain end-to-end knowledge of the payroll process within QBO, from time tracking to payroll tax remittance.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Learn strategies to save time and reduce costs associated with traditional payroll methods.
  • Accuracy in Payroll: Ensure accurate payroll runs and stay compliant with legal requirements through meticulous employee payment calculations and tax filings.
  • Streamlined Contractor Management: Learn the art of managing contractors smoothly with the 1099 Wizard.
  • Enhanced Timesheet Management: Optimize your team’s workflow and productivity with expert guidance on using QB Time.
  • Practical Skills Application: Apply your newfound knowledge directly to your business, enhancing payroll processing and time cost management.

Whether you're a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or a payroll professional, the Payday Perfection Collection is designed to elevate your payroll proficiency to new heights.

Don’t let payroll challenges hold you back any longer. Transform your approach, streamline your processes, and bring accuracy and efficiency to the forefront of your payroll practices with the Payday Perfection Collection.

Act now and be part of this transformative experience!




Questions & Answers

Q: Why is the Payday Perfection Collection a must-have for small business owners?
A: Tailored for the unique payroll challenges of small businesses, this collection simplifies complex processes, ensuring you spend less time on payroll and more on growing your business.

Q: Can I really manage payroll with no prior experience?
A: Absolutely! Our courses are designed with beginners in mind, offering step-by-step guidance to turn you into a payroll pro in no time.

Q: Will these courses help me reduce the cost of using a payroll service?
A: Definitely. By equipping you with the skills to handle payroll in-house with QuickBooks Online, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for external payroll services, saving your business money.

Q: Is the investment in this bundle worth it?
A: Certainly! With the skills you gain, you'll not only save hours each pay period but also protect your business from costly payroll errors.

Q: How quickly can I see results in my payroll processing?
A: Many of our students report seeing improvements immediately after applying the techniques from the first class.

Q: As a busy business owner, how much time will I need to dedicate to these courses?
A: We understand your time is precious. Each course is concise yet comprehensive, requiring just a few hours of your time. Plus, with on-demand access, you can learn at a pace that suits your busy schedule.


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