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Tax Strategies for Small Business with Jackie Meyer

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Identify potential tax-saving strategies hidden within your Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet, unveiling opportunities that can drastically impact your financial health.

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Tax Strategies for Small Business Course Description

Discover the path to tax savings buried deep within financial statements in our exclusive course, "Tax-Saving Treasure Hunt."

This course, hosted by Jackie Meyer, an award-winning CPA, Founder of TaxPlanIQ, and Creator of the Certified Concierge Accountant coaching course, is curated for accountants and bookkeepers looking to elevate their roles beyond the typical services, and business owners looking for financial clarity.

In this dynamic and informative course, Jackie guides you through the intricacies of Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets, revealing the potential tax advantages often overlooked.

With her expert advice and practical approach, business owners gain the confidence that their tax savings have been optimized, and bookkeepers learn to analyze financial data strategically, unveiling tax-saving opportunities that can drastically impact your client's financial health.


Key takeaways from the course include:

  • A thorough understanding of the nuances of P&L and Balance Sheet data.
  • Techniques to identify potential tax-saving strategies hidden within these financials.
  • Practical steps to implement these strategies, providing immense tax-saving value to your clients.


As Jackie always emphasizes, you don't need to be a tax preparer to be an effective tax strategist. Accountants and bookkeepers can deliver added value to their clients by exposing tax-saving opportunities. With Jackie's expert guidance, you'll transition from a standard bookkeeper or accountant to a crucial tax strategy advisor, adding significant value to your client relationships.

Business owners taking this class will develop the insights needed to minimize taxes while maximizing profit.

Enroll in the "Tax Strategies for Small Business" today, and begin your transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Unearth the hidden gems that will redefine your professional journey and enhance your financial future.



You'll learn about: 

  • The Profit and Loss (P&L) statement and Balance Sheet.
  • The correct tax forms for your business structure.
  • Key terminology and concepts related to financial reporting and taxation.
  • Mapping your reports to your taxes
  • Strategies for optimizing tax planning and compliance, including maximizing tax deductions and credits based on your financial data.

After taking this course you will be able to: 

  • Understand the purpose and structure of the Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Identify how specific line items on your P&L statement and Balance Sheet correspond to entries on tax forms.
  • Recognize the nuances of categorizing expenses and revenues for tax purposes.
  • Explain how accurate mapping can facilitate efficient tax audits and reduce the risk of penalties.
  • Identify areas where you can reduce your tax burden.



Instructional Level


Class Length

1 hour

Course Credits

Certificate of Completion

Field of Study


Delivery Method

QAS Self Study



  • Basic familiarity with Profit and Loss Reports and Balance Sheets, or
  • Attend our “Running Reports” class at


Who should take this class?

  • Business owners who want to maximize their tax savings.
  • Business owners who want understand the relationship between their business operations and tax requirements
  • Bookkeepers who want to include advisory in their services by recommending tax-saving opportunities to their clients
  • Bookkeepers who want to ensure compliance for their clients


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Here is the course outline:

Download the Handout

Download your class handout here

Download the handout here
Handout: Reports for Tax Analysis

Watch the Videos: Tax Strategies for Small Business

Identify potential tax-saving strategies hidden within your Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet, unveiling opportunities that can drastically impact your financial health.

Introduction, Agenda, and Overview
Key Terms Defined: What is a Concierge Accountant and ROI Method of Tax Planning
Profit and Loss Overview
Balance Sheet Overview
Working with Financial Statements
Becoming a Concierge Accountant and Conclusion
Review: Tax Strategies


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Course Evaluation Survey
Quiz: Tax Strategies for Small Business


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Completion
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