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What's New in iPhone iOS 17

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Jamie Pollock
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Tackle iOS 17 with ease. From security patches to fresh features, learn how to make the most of your updated iPhone.

Course Description

In the good old days, when we'd buy a new radio or television, we'd expect it to work the same way for years. But in today's digital age, it seems like our gadgets are always changing. Just when you've gotten the hang of your iPhone or iPad, Apple introduces a new update, and it feels like you're learning all over again.

Now, I understand how this can be a tad overwhelming, especially when all you want is to call your grandkids or enjoy a game. But here's the silver lining: these updates are Apple's way of giving your device a fresh coat of paint, making it safer from pesky bugs, and adding a sprinkle of new magic for you to discover.

Remember the joy of unwrapping a gift? That's what these updates are - little presents from Apple, making your device even more delightful. But, like any new toy, it takes a moment to figure out all its tricks.

That's where my class, "What's New in iOS 17," comes in. Together, we'll explore the changes, ensuring you're comfortable and confident. And who knows? You might even find some new features that'll become your favorites.

So, if you've ever felt a twinge of anxiety seeing that "Update Available" notification, or if you've wished for a helping hand to show you the ropes, this class is your answer. Let's embrace the new, while cherishing the old. Join me in "What's New in iOS 17," and let's make your Apple experience a walk in the park.



You’ll Learn About:

  • A ton of new updates for iOS 17

  • How to set up your Contact Photo and Poster

  • Using the new NameDrop contact sharing

  • Making custom Stickers for use in Messages

  • How to leave a Video Message in FaceTime

  • Controlling the new StandBy feature

  • Much more…


Questions & Answers About This Class

Q: What's the big deal about iOS 17?
A: The new iOS 17 comes loaded with features like enhanced FaceTime capabilities, a new NameDrop contact sharing function, and improved battery performance, all designed to make your daily tasks quicker and your device more efficient.

Q: Will I be able to interact with the instructor?
A: Definitely! The class is live, and I encourage questions and participation.

Q: How can I apply what I learn in this class?
A: You'll be able to personalize your device, communicate more efficiently with your family, and better enjoy your leisure time.

Q: How does learning about iOS 17 make my life easier?
A: Imagine FaceTiming your grandkids with just a voice command or easily sharing contact info. Those are the sort of things you'll master.

Q: I don’t want to mess up my device by experimenting; is this class safe?
A: It’s a controlled environment where I'll guide you through each feature, ensuring you understand without making any irreversible changes.

Q: I feel like I don't need new features; why should I care?
A: You'd be surprised at how some minor tweaks can improve your daily experience. This class will open your eyes to that potential.

Q: How do I know this class is worth the investment?
A: The hands-on skills you'll acquire are specifically geared toward optimizing your device's latest features and functions, turning this class into a worthwhile investment for enhanced ease of use and efficiency.



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Course Updated: October 2023
Course Page Updated: October 2023

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the class handouts

Click here for the class handout(s)

Download the Handout (.PDF)
What's New in iOS17 Slide Deck

2. Watch the videos: What's New in iOS 17 (2024)

Intro and Agenda
Contacts: Poster and Customizations
Live Voicemail
Updated Features in Messages
New Stickers Features
FaceTime: Gestures
FaceTime: Leave a Message
AirDrop and AirPlay Sharing
OS-wide Updates: Standby, Interactive Widgets, Keyboard Updates, AirPods, Siri, Spotlight Search
Visual Lookup
Privacy and Security Updates
App Updates: Safari Profiles and Passkey
Maps app Updates, Health app Updates, and New Journal app

3. Quiz

Did you watch the video or take the class live? Let us know here so that you can receive a Certificate of Achievement, an award badge, and points in the Wisdom Quest!

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