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What's New in macOS Sonoma 14

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Jamie Pollock
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Step into macOS Sonoma 14 with confidence. Learn about the new Stage Manager desktop tool, iCloud enhancements, and more.

What's New in macOS Sonoma 14 course description

In the golden days, when we'd get a shiny new toy or gadget, we'd often turn to our friends or family to show us the ropes. Remember learning to ride your first bicycle with the help of a loved one? Times have changed, but the essence remains the same. We all need a helping hand when navigating something new.

Enter the world of macOS Sonoma 14, the latest upgrade for your Mac computer. It's like getting a brand new toy, filled with dozens of new and improved features. But, just like in the old days, it can be a tad overwhelming to figure out all the bells and whistles on your own.

That's where "What's new in macOS Sonoma 14" comes in. Think of this class as your friendly neighbor, eager to show you around your new toy. We'll take a look at all the new features, ensuring you feel right at home. No more scratching your head trying to figure out the new Stage Manager desktop tool, or wondering how to edit that email you just sent. And that iCloud Shared Photo Library? We'll cover that too.

You see, technology might seem daunting, especially when it keeps changing. But with a little guidance, it can be as familiar and comforting as your favorite armchair. So, why let the fear of the unknown hold you back? Dive into the wonders of macOS Sonoma 14 with confidence and ease.

Join us, and let's relive the joy of discovering something new, together. Enroll today, and let's make your Mac feel like home again.

What You’ll Learn 

  • All the new updates for macOS Sonoma 14

  • Setting up and using Widgets on the Desktop

  • New Video Conferencing features

  • New updates to Safari, Message, and Notes

  • And much more


Instructional Level

Beginner through Advanced 

Course Length

1 hour 

Field of Study

Computer Software & Applications

Delivery Method

Group Internet-Based


macOS Sonoma 14 installed on your computer, or interest in upgrading.

Who should take this class?

Mac users with computers who have upgraded to Monterey, or are about to switch. 

What should you bring?

A Macintosh computer with macOS Sonoma 14.



Here is the course outline:

1. Down the class handouts

Click here for the class handout(s)

macOS Sonoma 14 | Class Slide Deck
macOS Sonoma 14 | Class Outline

2. Watch the Videos: What's New in macOS Sonoma 14

Your Mac computer has a brand new operating system, called macOS Sonoma 14! It has dozens of new and improved features. Join us and see all the new things you can do!

Introduction and Agenda
New Features in Messages: Search Filters, Catch Up, Swipe to Reply, and Stickers
FaceTime Gestures
Dynamic Wallpapers and Screensavers
Widgets on Your Desktop
New Gaming Features
Keyboard Improvements and Updates: Autocorrect, and Predictive Text
Using Stage Manager on Your Mac for Easier Navigation Between apps
SIRI Updates: No longer need to say "Hey SIRI"
Privacy and Security: Sensitive Content Warning, Lockdown Mode, and Improved Proved Permissions
Safari: Bookmarks Enhanced, Passwords and Profiles
PDF's and Notes

3. Take the Quiz

Did you watch the video or take the class live? Let us know here so that you can receive a Certificate of Achievement, an award badge, and points in the Wisdom Quest!

Participation Quiz
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