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What Was New in macOS 10.12 Sierra (2016) Course

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Jamie Pollock
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Siri, answer your iPhone on your computer, Continuity and Handoff info between your Mac and iPhone, picture-in-picture, iCloud Drive, AirDrop, and Apple Pay.

macOS 10.12 Sierra Course Description

Why watch an "old" What's New video? Every year Apple releases new features to make your Mac easier and more fun to use. There is SO MUCH that your computer can do! MacOS 10.12 Sierra introduced SIRI, answering your phone on your computer, Handoff between your Mac and iPhone, and more.

Instructional Level:

Beginner through Advanced

Course Length:

1 hour

What You’ll Learn:

  • Interface features
  • Improvements to Mail
  • Using Siri on your computer
  • How to use Spotlight Answering your iPhone through your computer
  • Using Continuity and Handoff to move information back and forth from youriPhone/iPad to your computer
  • Copy and Paste from iPhone to Mac and back
  • Messages - tapbacks with thumbs-ups and hearts
  • Picture-in-picture - Play a video in iTunes in the corner of your screen while you do other stuff
  • Family Sharing – one person’s apps, music, and software purchases can be used by everyone
  • What is iCloud Drive and why do you use it?
  • How to use AirDrop to share files across devices instantly
  • iTunes improvements
  • Auto Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch 
  • Use Apple Pay as a Payment on websites
  • Many tips and tricks to make your computer easier to use than ever!

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Handout

Download the handout that goes with the videos.

Download the handout here

2. Watch the Video: What Was New in macOS 10.12 Sierra

Apple continues to innovate with Siri for the computer, Apple Pay, iCloud Drive, Picture-in-Picture, and universal copy/paste.

Watch Video: What's New in macOS 10.12 Sierra

3. Take the Quiz

Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

Apple Course Participation


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise CPE Certificate
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