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Payroll in QBO

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Alicia Katz Pollock
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QuickBooks Online’s built-in Payroll has timesheets, direct deposit, automatic tax payments, and even pays Contractors for you. The subscription levels offer HR services, same-day deposit, QuickBooks Time, and guaranteed accuracy.

Payroll in QBO Course Description

“Show me the money!!!”

Your employees and independent contractors want to get paid on time.

And you want to pay them accurately and easily.

Why do Payroll the hard way, printing out your own checks, and manually calculating and submitting taxes? There’s no need to spend hours when it can take only minutes every pay period.

If your company’s payroll is straightforward, QuickBooks Online’s built-in Full-Service Payroll takes away the headaches.

Join us as we teach the Payroll Subscription options, settings, and even how to do a payroll run.

We’ll also look at how to pay your subcontractors by direct deposit right in the Contractors Center so neither of you have to deal with checks.

You’ll even see how QBO can calculate, file, and pay your payroll taxes automatically.

Take this class and you’ll not only save time, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing payroll was done accurately and on schedule. more payroll headaches from employees yelling in your ear, “Show me the money!!!”


 After completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Choose the right payroll subscription level for your needs
  • Set up company payroll policies
  • Set up employee payroll including deductions
  • Manage time sheets and time tracking
  • Remit payroll taxes
  • Pay subcontractors using your QBO Payroll

What You’ll Learn 

  • Choosing a Payroll Subscription
  • How to set up your company’s payroll
  • Setting up an employee
  • Using and importing timesheets
  • How to do a payroll run
  • Paying payroll taxes
  • Setting up Contractors
  • Paying subcontractors
  • Managing 1099s

Instructional Level


Course Length

2 hours

Course Credits

2 CPE, Certificate of Completion

Field of Study


Delivery Method

QAS/Self Study

Who should take this class?

  • Companies with employees who need payroll processing
  • Companies with basic payroll needs

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Course Credits: 2 CPE, Certificate of Completion. Must be awarded within one year of enrollment.

Course Updated: December 2021

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Handout

Download your class handout here

pageText Download the handout here

2. Understanding Payroll

Before you start using QuickBooks Online's Full Service Payroll, it helps to have a basic understanding of how payroll works in general.

pageText Introduction and Agenda
Biz View vs Accountant View
pageText Benefits of QBO's Full Service Payroll (FSP)
pageText Choosing the Right Version
pageText Understanding Payroll
pageText How Payroll Works
pageText Payroll Liabilities
pageText Payroll Expenses
pageText User Permissions
pageText Best Practices

3. The Payroll Center

This section will guide you through the Payroll interface and how to view employee and paycheck info.

pageText The Overview Tab, The Employees Tab, The Contractor Tab
pageText Workers Compensation, Benefits, and Compliance
pageText Viewing Employee Info
pageText View Paycheck List

4. Setting Up Payroll

Watch these videos to learn about the documents you'll need to set up payroll, compensation, benefits, entering employee info, taxes, and year-to-date history.

pageText Documents You'll Need
pageText Compensation and Benefits
pageText Employee Info
pageText Tax Info
pageText Prior Payroll History
pageText Liability Info, Multi State Info

5. Payroll Settings

Customize your payroll settings, including how to automate taxes and forms. This section will teach you how to set up notifications, connect bank accounts and map your payroll to your chart of accounts.

pageText Edit Payroll Settings
pageText Automate Taxes and Forms
pageText Notifications, Connecting Bank Accounts, Printing Checks
pageText Mapping Payroll to Your Chart of Accounts
pageText Mapping Tax Liabilities
pageText Class Tracking

6. Adding Employees

This section of videos will review how to set up your employees within QBO's Full Service Payroll. Alicia will show you how to apply pay schedules, indicate direct deposit vs checks, choose Coronavirus options, and enter year-to-date payroll history.

pageText Adding an Employee to QBO's FSP
pageText Invite your employee(s) to Workforce
pageText How Often and How Much Will You Pay
pageText Additional and Customized Pay Types
pageText Coronavirus Options
pageText How Do You Want to Pay?
pageText Setting Up Direct Deposit
pageText Entering Year to Date Payroll

7. E-file Payroll Taxes

These videos will walk you through setting up your Payroll Taxes. Confirm your business info and sign up for e-filing and paying your taxes right inside QBO.

pageText Confirming Business Info
pageText Sign Up to e-File Taxes

8. Keeping Track of Employee Time

Learn to use QBO's built-in timesheets, and also QuickBooks Time, (formerly T-Sheets), an app with robust timetracking and reporting capabilities.

pageText Employee Time Sheets
pageText QuickBooks Time (formerly T-sheets)

9. Paying Employees and Contractors

This section is all about paying your employees and contractors. Alicia will guide you through how to approve time, review and submit payroll runs, and how to void and delete paychecks. You'll also learn how to pay bonuses, tips and gratuities, and view payroll run reports.

pageText Approve Time
pageText Review and Submit
pageText Auto Payroll
pageText Bonus Payroll Processing
pageText Tips and Gratuities
pageText Voiding and Deleting Paychecks (Caution: Tax Implications)
pageText Paying Contractors

10. Payroll Taxes and Reports

QBO's Payroll Reports slice and dice your employee pay, employer contributions, and taxes into manageable data. We'll also look at year-end activities like submitting W-2 forms.

pageText Payroll Reports
pageText Automatic vs Manual
pageText The Payroll Tax Center
pageText Made a Mistake?
pageText Submitting and Sending W2's

11. Getting Payroll Support

In the last section of this course, Alicia will show you how and where to obtain help within QBO's Payroll, depending on what subscription you have.

pageText Getting Support
pageText Conclusion - What's Next?
quiz Review Questions: Full Service Payroll in QBO

12. Quizzes

Take these quizzes to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass each quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

quiz Quiz: Full Service Payroll in QBO
pieChart Evaluation & Participation Survey
pieChart Complete this survey for CPE Credit


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise CPE Certificate
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