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Setting Up QuickBooks Online

Alicia Katz Pollock
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You’re creating a new QuickBooks Online account, what’s next? If you’re just getting started with QuickBooks you might be tempted to go it alone, but setting up QBO by trial and error is a mistake. Let’s tackle how to set up QuickBooks Online together and make sure it’s done well.

Course Description

While QuickBooks Online is the world’s most popular bookkeeping software, setting it up on your own through trial and error is just asking for trouble.

As business owners, we often tend to try to do everything ourselves (speaking from experience here!). That can be a problem when it comes to setting up Quickbooks Online.

It’s easy to make a simple mistake that will end up costing you more to fix than you’d ever have paid to set things up right from the beginning (not to mention the hassle of it all).

You’ve got enough to worry about. Let me show you how to set your QuickBooks up the right way so you can have peace of mind knowing there won’t be any headaches down the road.

Should you import your existing QuickBooks file, or start a new one from scratch? How do you set up a Chart of Accounts (and by the way, what even is a chart of accounts?)? How do you connect your checking account and credit cards? How do you create your products and services? 

We’ll answer all these questions and get you started on the right foot so that you won’t spend time needlessly spinning your wheels while you try to figure it all out yourself. Your business will be successful when you get the advice you need to do it right the first time, quickly and easily!


Instructional Level

Beginner through Intermediate 


Course Length

1 hour

CPE Credits

1 CPE/Certificate of Completion 


Delivery Method

Group Internet Live / QAS Self Study 


Field of Study




No prerequisite knowledge needed.


Who should take this class?

  • Small business owners starting new QuickBooks Online files
  • Bookkeepers converting their clients to QuickBooks Online


What You’ll Learn 

  • The importance of good record keeping
  • When do you need a bookkeeper and when can you do it yourself?
  • Common bookkeeping mistakes business owners make
  • Setting up QuickBooks®
  • QuickBooks® Preferences
  • Creating your Items list
  • Working with Customers (Accounts Receivable): Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Payments
  • Working with Vendors (Accounts Payable): Bills, Payments, Expenses, Checks
  • Bank feeds
  • Reconciling


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Here is the course outline:

Download the Handout

Download your class handout here

pageText Download the handout here

Setting Up QBO: 1st Steps - Plan Ahead

When starting up a new QBO subscription, it's important to choose the right version and get help when you need it!

pageText Which Version of QBO is Right for You?
pageText Finding a Pro-Advisor

Converting from QuickBooks Desktop

Are you migrating an existing QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise file to QuickBooks Online? Watch this section to understand the benefits & drawbacks, and learn the steps to a successful transition.

pageText Should I Import My Existing Desktop File to QBO?
pageText Clean Up Your File Before Importing
pageText How Do I Import My QB Desktop File to QBO?
pageText Verify Your Data

Beginning with QBO from Scratch

If you're starting a new QuickBooks Online file from scratch, here are the steps involved.

pageText Choosing a Starting Date
pageText Import Existing Lists of Customers, Vendors, Products, and the COA
pageText Modifying the Default Chart of Accounts
pageText Setting Up Your Products & Services
pageText Adding Open Invoices and Bills
pageText Entering Starting Balances

After Setting Up - Your Next Steps in QBO

pageText Customize Your QBO Settings
pageText Turning on Modules in QBO - Which Ones Are Right For You?
pageText How to Invite Users
pageText Setting Up Your Banking Feed
pageText Work Smart - Implement 3rd Party Apps
pageText What's Next - Special Offer!!

Quiz and CPE Credit

Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

pieChart Complete this survey for CPE Credit
quiz Quiz: Setting Up QBO


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise Credit Certificate
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