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QuickBooks 2020 Complete Text Book

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Alicia Katz Pollock


This textbook offers more than just typical software instruction. It is packed with hands-on step-by-step exercises so that student can work directly in QuickBooks Desktop while they learn the accounting behind the scenes, and best practices.

Book Description

Help your students navigate advanced topics they will face in real life. The textbook provides a complete experiential learning environment with a 150-day QuickBooks 2020 software license, sample data files, and practice exercises so the students can apply what they are learning in class.

QuickBooks 2020 Complete contains everything a student needs to be successful using QuickBooks Desktop, including managing revenue and expenses, bank reconciliation, payroll and more. The textbook includes vivid full-color screen shots that demonstrate how to perform each step in QuickBooks, making the learning experience interesting and fun.

Instructors receive extensive support materials which are complimentary. These include an Instructor’s Manual* in PDF format with teaching suggestions, and an Answer Key with screenshots and sample printouts. Additional ancillary resources include PowerPoint slides for each lesson, test banks, and solution files for each exercise.

Instructors may request evaluation copy of QuickBooks Complete 2020, for their preview.

* A hardcopy (printed) version of Instructor’s Manual is also available. This printed version, Instructor Manual for QuickBooks Complete 2020, ISBN 978-1-942417-23-1, is available for purchase by eligible instructors only.

Instructional Level:

Beginner through Advanced



Who should buy this book?

  • Students that are learning QuickBooks 2020
  • Trainers that teach QuickBooks 2020
  • Pro-Advisors that wish to expand their knowledge of QuickBooks 2020
  • Business owners and employees hoping to gain deeper knowledge of how to perform common business transactions in their software
  • Bookkeepers and Accountants who wish to brush up on their skills


New Features for 2020 Include: 

  • Invoice History Tracker
  • Company File Search
  • Combining multiple customer emails
  • Collapsible report columns
  • Smart Help
  • Payroll status for direct deposit
  • Check to Bill Pay
  • Inactive Items on Inventory Reports

Updated Course Content Includes:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Using a credit card as vendor payment method
  • Streamlined Expenses chapter
  • Updated Equity workflows
  • Revised explanations and instructions
  • Reorganized Index
  • Amended Instructor’s Manual


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