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QuickBooks Online: From Setup to Tax Time

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Alicia Katz Pollock
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This QuickBooks Online tutorial for beginners teaches small business owners and bookkeepers how to use all QBO’s essential tools and workflows to track its income and expenses for taxes and business success.

Preview this course:

Get a sneak peek of what's inside this value-packed training. Watch the brief video below to explore the topics we'll cover and see the quality of content you can expect. Your journey to mastering the material starts here!

"Hands down, the most comprehensive QuickBooks Online course out there; great for
beginners & certification seekers!" - Hector Garcia, CPA

Course Description

You've probably watched a few of the typical QuickBooks classes on YouTube before - the ones that drone on about debits, credits, and "proper accounting procedures." Am I right?

If you’ve been beaten down by confusing jargon, dull video lectures, and that dreadful sinking feeling of "I still don't get it"...this QBO class is for you.

Introducing QuickBooks Online: From Setup To Tax Time - an engaging, easy-to-follow QBO training program crafted with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Alicia Katz Pollock, one of America's Top 50 Women in Accounting and a certified 'QBO Rock Star,' brings her infectious energy and relatable teaching style to help you master Intuit's powerful cloud-based accounting software.

With easy-to-digest video lessons, simple step-by-step walkthroughs, and a downright comforting teaching style, Alicia will be your personal guide from QBO file setup all the way through tax time.

You'll dive into all the must-know QBO features like banking, customers, vendors, reports, and more...but more importantly, you'll finally understand WHY these processes are crucial for your business. No more operating in the dark!

But Alicia's class isn't just an info dump - it's a full-fledged QBO training experience designed for real learning retention. Quizzes, class notes, a digital textbook, and an active Q&A community ensure no question goes unanswered and no concept is left behind.

At the end of this course, you won't just be a QBO'll be a QBO professional with the skills to effortlessly manage your books, make smart financial decisions, and optimize your operations for growth.

If you're ready to break free from accounting confusion and finally embrace the power of QuickBooks Online, grab your spot in Alicia's "QuickBooks Online: From Setup To Tax Time" course today.

Let this be the first step towards regaining control over your finances!




Core Modules

    • Getting Started: I'll highlight the significance of proper bookkeeping, guide you in selecting the best QBO version, and walk you through the initial setup.
    • Banking:  You'll discover the Banking Center, where QBO's automation links directly to your bank, simplifying data entries.
    • Customers: Learn about core Customer & Accounts Receivable operations, ensuring swift invoicing and faster payment collection.
    • Vendors: Together, we'll address everything about Vendors and Accounts Payable, ensuring you're recording every expense accurately.
    • Reports: We'll decipher key reports shedding light on your company's performance.
    • Tools: Explore other essential features in QBO that help you enjoy the software.


    What's included with this course?

    Dive into QuickBooks® confidently and stress-free. When you opt to learn QBO with me, you're not just gaining expert guidance; you're also joining a community of like-minded business owners eager to assist should any challenges arise.


    With Your 'QBO: From Setup to Tax Time' Purchase, Here's What You'll Receive:

    • Class notes so you can refresh your understanding later
    • Quizzes after each module so you can check your knowledge & make adjustments as needed
    • digital copy of my book"Master Intuit QuickBooks Online" to follow along during the course
    • 6 hours of easy-to-follow step-by-step video instruction with Top 10 QuickBooks Proadvisor Alicia Katz Pollock 
    • Exclusive access to a community discussion board where you can get answers to all your questions as early as the same day!


    You'll have lifetime access to the materials, allowing you to revisit and rewatch the recordings whenever you wish. The Q&A Forum will also always be there for you to ask questions down the road when new issues pop up!


    With this much value packed into one course, is it any wonder why savvy business owners
    and budding bookkeepers are flocking to QBO: From Setup to tax Time?


    Propel your accounting skills, connect with a thriving community, and gain resources that will serve you for a lifetime. Why wait to elevate your expertise? Take the leap and enroll now! 


    Discover why passionate professionals like you are getting excited for 'QBO: From Setup to Tax Time'

    Find out what you've been missing. See what prior learners have to say about their journey with Alicia & this course.



    QBO: From Setup to Tax Time Q&A

    Q: What is the main purpose of this course?
    A: It's a tutorial designed for beginners to teach them how to use all of QuickBooks® Online’s essential tools and workflows for tracking business income and expenses.

    Q: Why should I choose 'QBO: From Setup to Tax Time' course over other training methods?
    A: It's the most comprehensive and approachable QuickBooks® Online tutorial out there, tailored for beginners and led by one of America's Top 50 women in Accounting, Alicia Katz Pollock.

    Q: I've tried other courses before and struggled. How is this one different?
    A: Alicia's engaging teaching style, step-by-step guidance, and the structure of the course ensure a smooth learning experience. Plus, the supportive community has your back whenever you get stuck.

    Q: How can I be sure this course is worth the investment?
    A: With lifetime access, a dedicated community, quizzes, class notes, and a digital copy of Alicia's book, you're getting unparalleled value for your money.

    Q: How will this course benefit my business in the long run?
    A: Mastering QBO means efficient bookkeeping, insightful reports, and a clearer financial picture for strategic decision-making—all essential for business success.

    Q: How will this course boost my job prospects?
    A: Gaining expertise in the world's leading accounting software will certainly make you a sought-after professional in the finance and accounting sector.

    Q: Is this course only for bookkeepers and business owners?
    A: Not at all. Whether you're a student, job-seeker, entrepreneur, or a seasoned QBO user, this course offers value for everyone.

    Q: In one line, why should I enroll in QBO: From Setup to Tax Time?
    A: To empower yourself with top-tier QuickBooks® Online skills and elevate your business or career to new heights!



    You’ll Learn About:

    • The importance of good record-keeping.
    • When to hire a bookkeeper and when can you do it yourself?
    • Common bookkeeping mistakes business owners make.
    • Setting up QuickBooks®
    •  QuickBooks Accounts and Settings.
    • Creating your Products and Service Items list.
    • Working with Customers (Accounts Receivable): Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Payments.
    • Working with Vendors (Accounts Payable): Bills, Payments, Expenses, Checks.
    • Running basic reports
    • Using QuickBooks® Online's built-in automation features.


    After completing this course, you will be able to: 

    1. Identify the differences between QBO Subscription levels
    2. Identify steps for setting up a new QBO file
    3. Recognize sales transactions required to receive money from customers
    4. Recognize expense transactions used to pay vendors
    5. Identify QBO’s Banking Center and recognize the process for reconciling bank statements
    6. Recognize the process for running reports used in analyzing your company’s performance


    Instructional Level


    Course Length

    6 hours 

    Course Credits

    10.0 CPE, Certificate of Completion

    Field of Study

    Computer Software & Applications

    Delivery Method

    QAS / Self Study

    Who should take this class?

    • Business owners and employees who maintain their company’s financial records.
    • Students and job-seekers looking to boost their employment marketability.
    • Entrepreneurs and new business owners who are just getting started, and want to make sure they have solid business knowledge so that they can succeed.
    • Seasoned users looking to glean essential nuggets of information to make using QuickBooks easier and faster than before.
    • Bookkeepers and Accountants who wish to brush up on their skills.

    Advanced Preparation: 

    • None


    Watch it again later

    You'll have lifetime access to the on-demand course including all handouts & class material. You'll also be able to ask questions in the Q&A forum & get answers, even years later. You can pause, rewind, speed up, & watch again & again as you apply what you learn to each situation as it crops up.





    From Live Class to Lasting Resource!

    By enrolling in any LIVE class by Royalwise, you'll receive a recording of that class as a free bonus so you can pause, rewind, watch, & rewatch at your own pace for maximum retention.

    Each Royalwise class is recorded live, & an edited copy is published to the course page within two weeks of the recording date. A notification will be sent to you within your OWLS portal once the recording is available.

    While you wait, be sure to complete any of the quizzes or questionnaires, download any notes or handouts that you may have missed before class, & get any remaining questions answered in the class discussions forum.





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    Refunds & Cancellations

    Please view our Terms of Service, for information on refunds, cancellations, and complaint resolution. To request a refund, please contact us.


    Royalwise Solutions Inc. is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:



    Course Credits:
    10 CPE, Certificate of Completion. Must be awarded within one year of enrollment.
    Course Updated: August 2022
    Course Page Updated: March 2024
    This course was previously titled the 'QuickBooks Online Bootcamp'


    Here is the course outline:

    Download the Book and Handouts (Required for CPE Credit)

    This course comes with a free copy of Alicia's book, "Master QuickBooks Online: From Setup to Tax Time," a glossary, and a copy of the slide deck used in the videos.

    QuickBooks Online: From Setup to Tax Time | Download the book for CPE Credit
    QBO Fundamentals Bootcamp Slide Deck
    Glossary of Terms

    Setting up and Customizing QuickBooks Online

    When you create your QuickBooks file, be sure to set up all the Settings and Lists so that they address the specific needs of your unique company.

    Agenda and Introduction
    Why is Bookkeeping Important?
    Getting Around in QBO
    Navigation Tricks for Efficient Workflows
    Creating a New Company
    Accounts and Settings (Preferences)
    Adding Users
    Review Questions: Setting Up QBO
    The Chart of Accounts
    Products and Services
    Classes, Locations, and Tags
    Review Questions: Lists, COA, Products & Services

    Working with Customers

    We'll look at all the essential Customers and Accounts Receivable workflows. In other words, how to create invoices for your customers, and your workflows for getting paid quickly.

    Sales Preferences and Settings
    The Customers Center
    Managing Customers
    Workflows for Getting Paid
    Creating Sales Receipts
    Invoices and Payments
    Bank Deposits
    Merchant Services
    Estimates and Progress Invoicing
    Credit Memo and Refunds
    Customer Sales Reports
    Review Questions: Customers

    Vendors and Accounts Payable

    We'll look at all the essential Vendors and Accounts Payable workflows. In other words, how to pay Bills from your Vendors, and your workflows for tracking expenses. How does the Banking Feed work? Let's explore the Banking Center, which runs the automation that connects QBO to your bank for easy data entry.

    Expense Settings
    Adding and Managing Vendors
    Workflows for Expenses
    Working with Purchase Orders
    Bills and Payments
    Writing Checks
    Paying Your Credit Card Bill
    Vendor Credits and Refunds
    Job Costing and Item Profitability
    Review Questions: Vendors

    The Banking Feed

    Alicia's favorite section, The Banking Feed! Let's take a look at AI within the banking feed, explore a demo of the banking feed, a quick look into reconciling.

    Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Feed
    Banking Feed Demo
    Banking Center Features
    Review Questions: Banking


    We'll talk about reports - the whole purpose of using QuickBooks is to run accurate reports that help both with business management, and paying taxes.

    The Bottom Line of Accounting
    Profit and Loss Report
    New Enhanced Experience: Sales By Customer Detail
    The Balance Sheet
    Review: QBO Bootcamp Reports

    More Transactions and Business Tools

    We'll finish up by looking at some of QBO's bells and whistles that may address your company's pain points.

    Transferring Funds
    Recurring Transactions
    Journal Entries
    Business Features
    Review Questions: Additional Transactions

    Take the Quizzes

    Score 80% or higher on the section quizzes to receive your certificate and CPE credit. Demonstrate your mastery of the material and win points!

    Evaluation & Participation Survey
    Quiz: Setting Up QBO
    Quiz: Lists, COA, Products and Services
    Quiz: Vendors
    Quiz: Banking
    Quiz: Customers
    Quiz: Additional Transactions


    The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

    Royalwise CPE Certificate
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