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iPhones and iPads

iPhone/iPad: All The Basics

Jamie Pollock
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Learn to use your Apple iPhone and iPad in this training for Seniors. This class covers iOS fundamentals and tips that make your device fun and easy to use.

iPhone / iPad Course Description

"Say hello to my little friend!"


Yes, Apple does design their products to be simple to use and intuitive, but you still need a proper introduction if you are a first-time owner and user!

This class covers all the basics and helps you get to know your iPad or iPhone!

We’ll walk you through all the fundamentals, including how to sync your device to your computer, use the keyboard, and download Apps from the App Store.

We'll also reveal a ton of tips & tricks that'll make using your iPad and iPhone easy, fast, and fun!

Let us help you get better acquainted with your iPhone and iPad at a deeper level, both as a life-enriching tool...and an entertaining toy!

Instructional Level

Beginner through Intermediate

Course Length

2 hours


No prerequisite knowledge needed.

Who should take this iPad / iPhone class?

  • iPhone owners
  • iPad owners
  • People afraid to take it out of the box
  • Experienced users who want to glean every tip they can


What You’ll Learn

  • Turning the device on and off
  • Mute and orientation lock
  • All the Settings
  • Keyboard tricks
  • Dictation
  • The App Store
  • iCloud
  • Syncing to your computer
  • Switching between apps
  • Quitting apps
  • Our favorite essential apps

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Handout

Download the handout that goes with the course.

pageText Download the handout here

2. Getting Started

Start here with your iPhone and iPad. Jamie will get you comfortable with the physical features and controls of your device.

pageText iPhone Basics: Becoming familiar with your iPhone's buttons and features.
pageText Powering Off and On Your Device
pageText Lock Screen, Home Screen, Swiping, Tapping, Gestures
pageText Edit Your Home Screen (aka Waggle Mode)
pageText Closing Apps, Switching Between Apps

3. Hidden Tools and Controls for Your iPad and iPhone

Learn all about the features that make your iPhone and iPad such powerful and amazing little devices. Watch these videos again and again until you know how to access your Control Center, Notification Center, and Spotlight Search

pageText The Control Center
pageText The Notification Center
pageText The Spotlight Search
pageText Widgets
pageText Back Tap
pageText Screen Capture on your iPhone 8 (or older)
pageText Screen Capture on Your iPhone X (or newer)

4. Settings within iOS (iPhone and iPad)

These videos will help you become familiar with the settings of your iPhone and iPad. Explore all the settings and fully customize your iOS device.

pageText Apple ID, iCloud, Family Share Settings
pageText General Settings of Your iOS device

5. The Digital Keyboard

Your iPhone and iPad have a digital keyboard, it's multi-layered, and has many hidden features and tools. Did you know you can use your space as a track pad? Do you know how to bring up the GIF's, or Memoji keys? Watch this video to become an iOS keyboard pro!

pageText Learning the Layers of Your Keyboard

6. Updates to Your iOS and Apps

When should you update your iPhone or iPad? Do you know how to update it? What's the difference between updating your apps and updating your iOS? Jamie will show you how, when, and where to update your apps, and the iOS (operating system) of your iPhone and iPad.

pageText How and When to Update Your iOS (iPhone / iPad)
pageText Updating Your Apps

7. Apps We Love

Jamie will show off some of his most recent favorite apps including Apple's own Maps App, the Flipboard App, and the Star Walk App. Discover the true power and ability of your iOS device.

pageText The Apple Maps App, Flipboard, and Star Walk App

8. Take the Participation Quiz

Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

quiz Apple Course Participation


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise Credit Certificate
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