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iPhones and iPads

iPhone/iPad: SIRI and Apps Course

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Jamie Pollock
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Hey Siri! Learn to talk to Siri, the assistant on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Watch. We’ll also search the Apple App Store to find games and useful apps.

iPhone/iPad: SIRI and Apps Course Description

“Hey Siri. How do I learn about Siri?”

Answer: Take Apple Guru Jamie Pollock’s course teaching everything you need to know about Siri and iOS Apps!

To get the most out of your Apple iPhone or iPad, and take advantage of its wondrous capabilities, you really need to fully understand how to correctly use Siri and Apps.

Siri, which stands for “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface,” is the built-in personal assistant that helps you do everything easier and faster. In this course, we'll show you how to talk to Siri to achieve amazing things: make calls; send text messages and emails; set alarms, timers, and reminders; check the weather; answer questions and get recommendations; make a restaurant reservation; and so much more!

An “app” is an individual software program on your device. And, as the joke goes, “there's an app that”...for pretty much everything you could ever possibly want to do. But apps are only helpful if you understand the process of navigating the App Store to choose, download, organize, and use them.

If you’re looking for practical Apple courses for your iPhone and iPad, this one is completely essential! Because, as Siri loves to tell me, “You auto-complete me.”

Instructional Level

Beginner through Intermediate

Course Length

2 hours


No prerequisite knowledge needed.

Who should take this iPhone/iPad: SIRI and Apps class?

  • iPhone owners
  • iPad owners
  • Experienced users who want to glean every tip they can

What Youll Learn

  • Siri settings
  • How to talk to Siri
  • Commands Siri understands
  • How to use Dictation
  • In-App navigation
  • Common symbols and what they mean

Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Handout

Download the handout that goes with the course.

pageText Download the handout here

2. Getting Started with SIRI

Hey SIRI, What's the weather going to be like? Hey SIRI, send a text message to my daughter and tell her I love her. Jamie will guide you through the learning curves and cues to confidently and comfortably become best friends with SIRI.

pageText Intro to SIRI
pageText Settings for SIRI
pageText How to Activate and Interact with SIRI
pageText Who/What is SIRI and What Can He/She Do For You?
pageText Having Fun with SIRI

3. Using Voice Commands with SIRI

Sometimes it's a lot easier to just say, "Hey SIRI, tell Jamie I am going to be late for my appointment," versus sending a text or making a phone call. Watch these videos as Jamie explains how to best use SIRI to help ease your life.

pageText Open Apps, Make Calls, Send Text Messages
pageText Sending Emails and Getting Directions with SIRI

4. Helpful Navigation Tips for Most Apps

Jamie explains that your apps like Mail, Music, Safari, they all use very similar navigation cues, symbols, and gestures. Watch this video, again and agin, until you're cruising through apps like a modern day influencer.

pageText Identifying and Using Universal Navigation Cues and Gestures

5. Apple Mail

Apple Mail is designed to be a simple and easy to use app. Join Jamie in these videos and apply what you have learned from iPhone/iPad: All the Basics Part 1 and 2, and the previous lessons from this course. You'll be using your Mail app a lot more, and with more ease after watching these videos.

pageText The 4 Corners Concept
pageText Edit Mailboxes, Handles, "Hamburger" Menu or Toggle Menu

6. Safari App

Safari is Apple's internet browser. Do you find it hard to navigate and find your bookmarks, favorites, or reading list? These videos are equipped with all you need to comfortably and casually cruise the interwebs on your iPhone or iPad.

pageText Navigating Safari on Your iPhone or iPad
pageText Bookmarks, Reading List, and Favorites Menus
pageText Tab Menu, Adding a Tab, Closing a Tab, Switching Between Tabs, Private Button

7. Opening and Closing Drawers in Apple Maps app and Apple Music app

The last section of this course focuses on two of Jamie's most commonly used apps. The Maps app, and the Apple Music app both share some of the same navigation cues and icons. Join Jamie in this last section and show off all the skills you learned from iPhone/iPad, Parts, 1, 2 and 3.

pageText Maps App Drawer Utility
pageText The Music App

8. Take the Quiz

Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

quiz Participation Quiz


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise CPE Certificate
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