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Word in 3 Hours Flat Course

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Alicia Katz Pollock
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Learn MS Word, Microsoft Office’s word processing program. In this Word tutorial for beginners we’ll learn to create documents, format fonts, insert images, and more.

MS Word Course Description

Word processing is easy peasy, right? You just open up Microsoft Word and start typing away! Composing, editing, and formatting text seems so straightforward.


But did you know...that for everything easy...there are a dozen tools that make it peasy!


MS Word is one of those applications where you think you know how to use it, but the truth of the matter is that beginning users don’t know what they don’t know.


There are actually a wealth of techniques and features that entirely transform the word processing experience, make your documents sparkle, and save you hours of time. 


In this course Word in 3 Hours Flat, you’ll learn how to properly enter and lay out text, format fonts and pages, edit images, create tables, and apply styles.


And most importantly...when you know what you know...Word is actually fun!


To take this course, it doesn’t matter what version of Word you have, or whether you're on a PC or Mac. 


Whether you are using Word for school, the workplace, or home, this class is the last Word.

Instructional Level

Beginner through Intermediate. 

Microsoft Word Course Length

3 hours 

Course Credits

3 CPE, Certificate of Completion


A copy of Microsoft Word on your computer.

Who should take this MS Office Word class?

  • Business owners and employees who write letters and reports
  • Students and job-seekers will boost their employment marketability
  • Seasoned users are guaranteed to glean essential nuggets of information to make using Word easier and faster than before


What You’ll Learn 

  •   Ribbons
  •   Word Wrap
  •   Selecting techniques
  •   Copy/Paste, Drag & Drop
  •   Character Formatting 
  •   Paragraph Formatting
  •   Line Spacing
  •   Indents
  •   Page Margins
  •   Columns
  •   Bullets & Numbering
  •   Page Breaks
  •   Images
  •   Styles
  •   Page Numbering
  •   Tables
  •   Desktop Publishing
  •   Answer your specific questions.
  •   Plus, you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to shave time off your daily tasks.

For more information regarding concerns, refunds, and program cancellation policies, visit our Terms and Conditions


Here is the course outline:

1. Download the Handout

Download the handout that goes with the course.

pageText Download the handout here

2. Introduction to Word

Word is one of those applications where everyone thinks they know how to use it because you can just open it up and go, but the truth is there are actually a wealth of techniques and features that will make your documents sparkle.

pageText Introduction to Word

3. Opening and Creating Documents

Word comes with helpful and timesaving templates. Watch these videos and learn how to open existing documents, starting with a template, google drive docs, and also how to open a document from scratch.

pageText Opening Existing Documents
pageText Starting with a Template
pageText Opening Word Docs with Google Drive
pageText Starting with a Blank Document

4. Getting Around the Interface

MS Word has a lot of tools, features, and options. Alicia guides you through the Word interface and also highlights the difference between the PC and Mac versions of MS Word.

pageText The Interface (macOS and PC)

5. Word Processing

Here's the section with all the meat. Alicia walks us through creating content, moving content, how to use helpful tools like "find and replace." Take a deeper look at formatting, and working with Styles.

pageText Entering Content
pageText Selecting and Moving Content
pageText Find and Replace
pageText Character Formatting
pageText Paragraph Formatting
pageText Line Breaks and Page Breaks
pageText Bullets & Numbering
pageText Styles

6. Working with Images

Word is a very powerful word processing application. Did you know that you can edit images in Word as well? Make your images transparent, give them some really cool editing affects.

pageText Adding Pictures
pageText Text Wrap Images
pageText Graphic Insert, Wrap, Picture Format Gallery, Editing Features

7. Page Layout

Setting margins, facing pages, gutters, page numbers, oh my! Be sure to watch these videos!

pageText Setting Margins, Facing Pages, Gutters
pageText Page Numbers

8. Printing and Sharing

Printing and Sharing actually has a lot of new features and options. Make sure you know all the latest ways to save, print, and share your document.

pageText Printing
pageText Sharing

9. Conclusion - MS Word

What's next? Rate, Review, Rewatch, Refer a friend, all of these will earn more points in our wisdom quest.

pageText CPE, Rate, Review, Refer, Rewatch, Be Rewarded!

10. Take the Quiz

Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

quiz Word Quiz


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Royalwise CPE Certificate
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