These days, getting things done depends on your using your computer. But learning software on the fly can be frustrating and time consuming! From fundamentals to best practices, get all your questions answered! 

Join Alicia and Jamie to get a personalized computer training experience.

  • Attend live classes in person in Portland, OR, or join us by webinar. Even virtually, you're an active participant and part of the conversation.
  • Watch class recordings so you can review the videos any time to pick up what you missed. It always makes sense during class, but six months later when you're saying, "I know they said something about that, but I don't remember what," now you can just watch it again!
  • When you purchase our on-demand video QuickBooks courses, you get forever access. Every time we teach the class, we update these courses with fresh content, at no extra cost to you. So as the software evolves, you'll always have the latest and greatest information! Watch them over and over. Pause and rewind. Learn at your own pace!
  • Subscribe and watch ALL of the courses for one low monthly price!

"Thank you for helping me get over my fear of computer classes.”

"Jamie and Alicia are some of the most knowledgeable computer geeks I know.They are both skilled at explaining technical concepts in an understandable manner. Both are committed to helping students understand the ideas. I have rarely had a question they couldn't answer. They also are willing to give extra time at the end of classes to help those who are confused. If you are ready to take a hammer to your machine, call these guys. - Karen