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Insightful Accountant: Budgeting in QBO

Alicia Katz Pollock

Insightful Accountant and Royalwise bring you this advanced bookkeeping training for complex transactions: Budgeting in QBO

Course Description 

Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus & Advanced have budgeting tools so that you can create a Budget for your business, a customer project, or a specific Class.


This live presentation at hits the highlights from Alicia's full 2-hour course, Budgeting in QBO.


Instructional Level

Beginner through Advanced 

Course Length

1 hour 

Course Credits

1 CPE, Certificate of Completion



Who should take this class?

  • Business owners and employees who maintain their company’s financial records
  • Bookkeepers and Accountants who wish to brush up on their skills.

What You’ll Learn 

    • What is a Budget?
    • Create an annual and monthly budget for your company
    • Create a budget for a customer project
    • Create a budget by class
    • Reports:
      • Cash flow statement
      • Budget vs. actual
    • 3rd party cash forecasting apps


    Watch the full course here

    Budgeting in QBO 

    Here is the course outline:

    1. Download the Handout

    Download the handout that goes with the course.

    pageText Download the handout here

    2. Watch the Video: Budgeting in QBO

    Insightful Accountant: Budgeting in QBO

    pageText Insightful Accountant: Budgeting in QBO

    3. Take the Quiz

    Take this quiz to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Pass the quiz with an 80% or higher to complete the Course, earn your Certificate, and win points!

    quiz Participation Quiz


    The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

    Royalwise Credit Certificate
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